School Closing Information

There are a variety of reasons why schools in our supervisory union may be closed, have a delayed opening, or release early.

The decision to close school is a difficult one because of the impact on parents and families. Consequently, Rutland Central Supervisory Union Schools will be closed only for extreme weather conditions or other emergencies. The decision to close schools for weather conditions is determined by the ability for buses and cars to navigate roads and safely distribute students throughout the supervisory union.

Parents, however, always have the ultimate right to keep a child home if they believe it is not safe for their child to travel to school.

During times of inclement weather school closings will be communicated first through local area radio and television stations.

Additionally, Parents and teachers will be notified by their school using the Alert Now communication system.
Here is information on how weather related closure decisions are made and how the days are made up.
The Superintendent consults with many officials including town and state road crews, the Sheriff’s Department, and weather bureaus when the decision is weather related. Timing is a large part of the equation and the goal is to make the decision as early as possible. The decision is made once the Superintendent is satisfied that the most current information on the conditions is received. Occasionally, the information does not come in time for some staff members with a long commute who depart for school or the weather situation rapidly changes. In the best of situations, the preference is to have data early enough to start the notification process.
Days missed due to school closings must be made up. Typically, days are made up at the end of the school year, however, scheduled vacation days may be used.

For additional information, please contact the Superintendent’s Office at 775-4342.